What is FLL Junior ?

It is never too early to discover STEM (science, technology, engeneering, mathematics)!

FIRST® LEGO® League Junior was created by an initiative of the American foundation FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and LEGO and has been developed to bring children from six to ten years to the STEM theme. The children will be introduced to the topics by the colorful bricks they already know.

Accompanied by two or more adult coaches, the teams (up to six team members) explore real existing problems such as ressources, recycling, energy, or the coexistence of humans and animals. They create a Show Me poster that presents their discovery and their team, and they build a motorized model of LEGO bricks. On the "journey" the children learn to work together in a team and explore the wonders of science and technology. The focus of the project are the FLL Junior Core Values such as respectful approach, shared experience and critical thinking.At the end of each season, the teams meet for an exhibition to present their results, share ideas and have fun together.

Classes for kids in age of 6 to 8:


In the FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. AQUA ADVENTURESM Challenge, you will:

  • Explore how you use water at home or in your community, the water’s journey, and how to improve a part of this journey.
  • Create and test a Team Model to show your ideas.
  • Share what you learn through your Team Model and a Show Me poster.

Hi, I’m Hydro the water drop! Find out how water like me gets to you. Can you help make my journey better? Join me on an AQUA ADVENTURE!



You and your community use water for many things every day. Where does your water come from? How does it get to you? Is the water cleaned or treated before you can use it? Why is it important to use water wisely? Pick one way that you use water at home or in your community. Learn as much as you can about the water’s journey. Then design a solution to improve a part of this journey.

Create and Test!

Design, build, program, test, and improve a Team Model to show your chosen water use, the water’s journey, and your idea for how to improve a part of the journey. Include the AQUA ADVENTURE Inspire Model (a LEGO® water pump) in your design. Also be sure to use LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 or WeDo to build and program at least one motorized part of your Team Model.


Make a Show Me poster, and use it and your Team Model to share what you have learned with others. Participate in an Expo, invite your family and friends to a special team meeting, or share your Engineering Notebook to show what you know about water!

Do you want to join AQUA ADVENTURE CHALLENGE? Let’s get team together!