Our beliefs

Programming is needed in every area of life. With our materials, very young children can be already acquainted with it. Evidence shows that students are 6 times more likely to try computer science in university if they have a chance to try it when they’re younger. This is an opportunity for them to have a better work in the – for example, nowadays in California, computing jobs outnumber annual computer science graduates by 16-to-1

The largest values in education are skills of critical thinking and creativity, which can translate into real ability to solve problems, not tests (which are still standarized model of education in most countries).

The priority is to teach children the use the existing resources – effective use of technology, and not just using it. Technology is a tool useful in every sphere, and programming can be a tool for achieving the goals regardless of the field. The division of the minds into “logical” and “humanities” is a myth. If children will have this consciousness at an early stage, they will know from what arsenal they can take, even if they are not programmers.

In the twenty-first century, the key to success is versatility – constructions deliberately derive from different fields as biology, physics, engineering, to show children how technology can be widely used and it is not an area limited to a single subject.

Our activity fills the gap of the education system, because we show the children that there is no only single correct way to complete the task.